As we have already anticipated in the introduction to this web site, Foto Sì and Project Foto specialize in video shooting (both sports and industrial) and photo shooting.

We mainly take care of sports shows and horse shows; in this case both of us arranges a kind of movable headquarter according to our needs. We basically work on the outside, we haven’t a fixed headquarter, we move from place to place, to follow the stages competitions are composed of.
Nevertheless we have our own office: here we plan our activity, check the photos and service our apparatuses. Once horse shows are over, we go on with our business in our own office: we edit dvds, download the photos into our web site, print them and send them to our customers in case of request.
Our roles are interchangeable: this means that we know each other’s job and at the same time we can carry it on independently. We are sometimes compelled to exchange our roles but this is not a problem: all this keeps us up-to-date. 

Foto Sì is well organized, a kind of control room is built and here the whole job takes place. The path followed by the pair is recorded live, either on dvd or vhs. The equipment Foto Sì employs is modern and functional. Foto Sì employs digital jvc cameras, so the quality of our phots and videos is very high.

Project Foto employs reflex digital cameras produced by Nikon and makes use of notebooks and sublimation printers, so the job can be carried on in a kind of “photographic office”. Once the photos which were taken during the shows have been downloaded, our customers can have a look at them immediately, can choose the ones they prefer and finally buy them: thanks to quick and sublimation printers, the photos can be printed at any time.

Project Foto di Cristina Tedeschi
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