Our Company is called FOTO SIí and it has a well established tradition, as its owner, Mr Fiorenzo Tedeschi, has always been interested in photography.

Our Company began its business in video shooting in 1989 and soon became well known. We have always been interested in horse-racing, that is why we started working in this field many years ago. Nowadays horse-racing is our favourite field and we are quite famous thanks to the photos we take during horse races.

The success we had and we are still having at the moment is attained thanks to our skills and expertise. We are always in the lead thanks to our technological equipment and suitable facilities and thanks to partners, who are both skillful and fond of this job.

Project Foto is about me, Cristina Tedeschi! Project Foto is a more recent office and it is featured by many expectations. It specializes in digital photography for horse shows regarding both obstacles and dressage. My team is made up of young partners who are willing to become better and better in their job and learn more and more skills. My business is carried on with the help of equipments which are always fit for nowadays market.

Project Foto di Cristina Tedeschi
Via Maroncelli, 7
20020 Vanzaghello (MI)
Tel e Fax +39.0331.659.564