Project Foto and Foto Ś are able to offer products whose quality standards are very high

- Our experience: thanks to our rooted experience, our photos always catch the right moment and pay peculiar attention to details.

- Our passion:
Project Foto and Foto Ś represent not only our job but also our passion. These two offices go well, thanks to the passion and involvement shown by their leaders and by the helpers who work during the shows.

- Technology:
valuable human resources need valuable equipment, so good results can be achieved. Project Foto and Foto Si’ always employ the most modern cameras and printing media, so the best product ever can be offered.

- Willingness:
in our opinion willingness is a very important element: it helps us to understand our customers’ needs and to attain the best product ever.

Project Foto di Cristina Tedeschi
Via Maroncelli, 7
20020 Vanzaghello (MI)
Tel e Fax +39.0331.659.564