So now it is time for us to tell you our story…

Nowadays Foto Sì specializes in video shooting. It was born many years ago as an office which specialized in photography. In 1989 it entered a new market, that is video shooting upon the occasion of live sports competitions for horse riding. Being abreast with the times and new technology, it soon became very famous among those who are fond of horse riding.

ProJect Foto is a more recent office, that is why it not as experienced and well established as Foto Sì is. Nevertheless, as Project Foto always works in close contact with Foto Sì, it is becoming more and more expert, as time passes. I myself take care of photo shooting inside the facilities which are meant for horse racing and I always use modern cameras and computer equipment.

Project Foto di Cristina Tedeschi
Via Maroncelli, 7
20020 Vanzaghello (MI)
Tel e Fax +39.0331.659.564